Professional Services

3RUN Ltd supply the world’s leading Parkour, FreeRunning and professional Acrobatic movement performance athletes. With exponential experience covering all
forms of media from lead Photographic campaigns, Live event performances and lead Commercial roles right through to Hollywood Blockbuster
movie stunt doubling such as James Bond Casino Royal. – Health and Safety policies available upon request.

3RUN regularly perform to audiences globally, offering the full package from conceptualising and consultancy, to actualisation through explosive execution of the most electrifying Parkour / Freerunning and Martial Arts performances.

3RUN’s unrivalled passion manifests in every stage of their projects, creating a truly memorable, unique experience every time.

3RUN pride themselves in their Professionalism, passion, skill and team work, elements that combine to produce the high calibre shows 3RUN have become famous for.

3RUN are widely recognised across the world with extensive experience in all areas of media performance. With lead and action roles in films including ‘Beat the World’ and ‘Death Race 2’, performances in major blockbuster movies such as the James Bond, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises through to high profile Ads for clients including Schwarzkopf, Nestle, Sprite, and Microsoft.

3RUN are renowned worldwide for their experience, professionalism and skill, for constantly pushing the boundaries, and delivering unparalleled innovative and dynamic sequences. 3RUN guarantee to deliver something truly exciting, spectacular and unique every time!

3RUN’s mission statement is to push the boundaries, break the mould, and expand the limits of the human body. Innovation is key in the creation of performance and stunt sequences.

Award Winning XBOX Slip recently won best stunts in a commercial (British TV / Advertising craft awards) – Chase Armitage Parkour and Freerunning.


  • Sprite
  • Deichmann Shoes
  • Cosmote
  • Mattersons
  • Garnier
  • Phillips
  • Dunlop
  • XBOX
  • Nestle Lion Bar
  • BBC
  • Non-Stop
  • Barclays
  • Nokia
  • LKXA
  • Schwarzkopf
  • Suzuki
  • Sela
  • Bank of Dubai
  • Epson
  • Adidas
  • Rogers

3RUN are proud of their reputation for the most creative and inspiring media to come from any Parkour/Freerun Production company. With Directors/Producers and Editors who have grown-up with the disciplines, our knowledge and passion is unmatched in our fields.

With over 9 years of filming Parkour and Freerunning under our belts,we have accumulated the most exciting and comprehensive stock footage library in the Le Parkour and FreeRun market. Supplying TV shows, Music videos, Documentaries, Movies, Ad campaigns and Internet virals.

With examples from Television commissions such as ‘Holby City’, ‘The Bill’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Jump Britain’ documentary through to bespoke commercials and Internet virals for Energy drinks brands and Superhero concepts!3RUN excel within the field of media production, with original and creative concepts attracting millions of viewers worldwide through high end and unique projects standing head and shoulders above the rest!

3RUN Parkour / Freerun academy coaching scheme covers all Parkour / Free running and the new Freestyle Gymnastic syllabus.3RUN provide specific freestyle classes 3 times-a-week and tailored school workshops right through to corporate team building instruction and co-ordination.

3RUN work closely with councils, education authorities, and International organizations as well as National Gymnastic bodies with the aim to provide unrivalled instruction, with emphasis on safety and enjoyment.

  • Years of practical training experience
  • Qualified and insured Gymnast
  • Qualified and insured Freestyle coaches
  • CRB certified
  • Fully insured, experienced coaches


For more information on the regular freestyle classes, check out the Basingstoke active Life centre on the link below:

3RUN have a wealth of experience in all things Parkour and FreeRun, and are equipped to offer highly specialised knowledge and consultancy advice spanning across any border and any project. Solution orientated 3Run will identify, highlight and address any issues with a pro-active sense of enthusiasm, providing realistic, innovative and exciting resolutions.
Producing the best possible results, 3RUN are able to apply extensive business knowledge and years of practical experience to conquer any situation, with the ambition to excel expectation and provide services to really set our projects on a level of their own.
Safety is always at the top of 3RUN’s priorities in any project, years of experience and adaptability allow the Parkour, and Free Running professionals to assess and overcome any challenges ensuring they provide safe outstanding results every time!